Last Change for Ugly Photos

Well I know this was supposed to wrap up a while back, but we’ve had some folks who had some scheduling issues and wanted to get their entries done.  I’m waiting on one or two more that should be coming in, so if you’ve got something that you would like to submit, there’s still time!  If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is still a bit more time.  The concept is simple, take something that could generally be considered ‘ugly’ or obtrusive, and make it interesting.  It doesn’t even have to be ugly to you, and the submissions thus far have been very interesting.

The Strange Underbelly

It’s kind of neat seeing the same place in different situations.  I knew I had walked past this place before when Nick, Shannon and I (from and passed by, but it was completely different this recent time.   This time around it was full of cars, overcrowded and not that interesting, but when I was there prior, it was very empty, with a completely different feeling.  Getting back to the spot reminded me to finish up this shot.

Underbelly Chicago William Woodward