Star Trails Video! 

So this is my first time lapse video, so it’s kind of short, but it’s a compilation of all the shots that composed up my ‘More Than a Moment in Time’ photo from the other day.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out because I’m giving away two signed copies, shipped to your house!

And the Stars Fell

As the sun set, I realized just how dark it was going to be out in the desert at Joshua Tree.  Being a moon-less night, the milky way was in full swing, and as always, amazingly beautiful in it’s grandeur.   It’s not until you’re in complete dark that you see how many shooting stars there are on any given night.   The other amazing thing is just how big and vibrant some of them can be!  I’m sure those are the ones people normally see, but it’s great to see all the little ones that dash across the sky as well.

Stars Joshua Tree William Woodward