A Day at the Beach

Well pretty much every day, really.  The other day the Tom’s got their first taste of that salty goodness of the Pacific Ocean, and I think they liked it.  It’s not all that bad, really, waiting around for a photo oportunity on the beach.  I mean I’ve definitely waited in worse.  And not been able to go swimming…

Architecture of the Chicago Metra

I’ve always been a little facinated by bridges.  I think it all started with that “Bridge It” game that the early computers had.  The structure has a pattern and neatness, but with a rugged and solid feel.  I often shoot a photo or two like this when I’m in Chicago.  It just is one of those ‘go to’s’ that happens no matter what.  These two took particular interest to me I think because of their rather stark mood.

Metra Chicago William Woodward


Metra Chicago 2 William Woodwad