Follow the Clouds

I’m a purveyor of clouds.  One of the first things that you start doing as a ‘landscape’  (really any type) photographer is keeping an eye on what the sky is doing.  I’ve been known to refer to the sky portion of my work as ‘skyscapes’ and that seems pretty fitting, as a good sky (or bad sky) can really do a number on a photo.

Golden Waves of Grain

I have a seemingly small obsession with wheat fields.  If you type in ‘wheat’ to the search box, you’ll find about 5 or so different shots of different fields.  I think I like the continuity of it, the seamless nature that the field seems to have.  Come late summer, when they start to turn that golden color, and the endless hills roll off in to ambiguity, it just seems perfect.

Golden Waves Illinois William Woodward