I’ve been having some strong residual feelings about surfing lately.  It’s been years since I’ve been on a board, but I can still feel the swells, and being in the ocean isn’t helping.   Oh, and I’ve also been thinking about owning a van.  I think those two things are related, but I could be wrong. A van, or an El Camino.  I’ve always wanted an El Camino.

It Comes in Waves

To say that my first nights here in Southern California have been anything less than extraordinary would be a serious understatement.  Between the epic sunsets, weird and wild landscapes, and helpful people I’ve met along the way, I really couldn’t ask for more.  I’ve taken time every day to get in to the water, while keeping an eye to the sky to ensure that everything is coming together as planned (I always plan for having good sunsets).  I don’t know if there are just more people that are interested in photography here, or are more social, but I’ve met more photographers here than anywhere else I’ve ever shot before as well.  That’s how I actually came across this place, Hospital Reef, at La Jolla. (oh and another thing, all the different beach areas have names, which is cool)  These tide pools are under water during high tide, so I wanted to make sure that I got a look at them while I could.  When you’re wandering around a place like this, it’s very other-worldly, so much so that you wonder what the water does to make these formations so interesting.  It was almost a bust of a night, the clouds became heavy right before sunset, but then out of thin air, the colors engulfed the sky.

Waves Southern California William Woodward