The Stars Align

Check out the all new, totally awesome stars tutorial.  It’s available HERE, and has all sorts of fun information, like how I made the shot on the right.

Livin the Dream

I’ve been in a serious surfing mood lately, and a van mood.  I can’t say that they are related, but I would be surprised if they weren’t.  A simple existence, with simple means.  The essence of the surfer seems to be captured in a classic van.  I’ve definitely been on a mission to capture the perfect ‘van’ while wandering around Southern California, and the area didn’t disappoint.  When I pulled up to a surf spot near Sunset Cliffs, this fella pulled up around the same time.  Quickly taking down his surfboard, no sooner did I think ‘wow what an awesome van’, did I think, ‘dang I should have been taking a picture when it had the surfboard on it’!  Alas, here it sits, waiting for it’s owner to return, and for their adventures to continue.

Southern California William Woodward