The Great Photo Giveaway

It’s going on now, yes right this very moment!  Check it out on Facebook here or Google+ here.  I’m giving away two prints, of either this photo, or any photo that I’ve done, shipped to your door for free!  Kind of a ‘thanks for the support’ thing.  All the details are there, but if you don’t want to mess with that, comment on the page here and you’ll be entered to win!

More Than a Moment in Time

Wow, I have to say that I’m extremely excited at how this photo turned out.  It took me right at an hour to shoot the approximately 100 photos that make up this image, and being alone in the desert at Joshua Tree was definitely a good time to sit and think about all the great opportunities I’ve had to shoot in some beautiful places, and wanting to share that with everyone.  I kept trying to judge the passing of time, but the only sounds outside of the crickets (and the occasional bush monster that never seemed to show it’s face) was the camera, clicking away every 30 seconds, starting it’s next shot.   I know that a lot of people are wondering about how to shoot these kinds of shots, and I’ll be putting up a little tutorial on it shortly!  In the mean time, enjoy, share, and good luck on the contest!

Moment in Time Joshua Tree William Woodward