Seems that I goofed up the website some time yesterday, so if you came over and the home page looked funny, my apologies.  I’ve gotten it all taken care of and as good as new (well I think even a little better, but it’s hardly noticeable).

Standing Above All Others

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t know about this shot right away when I took it.  Something about it I liked, but it didn’t quite peak me as a ‘definitely’ type.  I like these kinds of shots, though, because you can sit on them for a while.  Let your mind go back to it, and see it in new ways.  Speaking of going back to shots, if you happen to be a new photographer, and you’re just learning the ropes.  Even if you aren’t ready to start going 100% in to editing photos, if you plan to at all have interest in that later, start shooting in RAW+JPEG mode if your camera offers it.  As I’ve talked about before, the RAW file holds SO much more information than you’ll ever see in a JPEG, it’s uncanny.  One of my favorite past times is showing folks the quick steps you can take a RAW file thru to develop.  Anyways, hard drive space is so cheap these days, it’s worth taking up a little extra room with that extra file, because one day you may be really into editing, but without the RAW, the file is locked forever as a JPEG.  Long story short, after stewing on this shot for a while, I think the tree is what really brought me back to it.  It has this defiance of sorts.  A little extra umph maybe.

Above Others Yosemite William Woodward