Free Stuff? 

I think everyone likes free stuff.  There is going to be a big contest, and I’m giving something away.  I mean it’s not that big of a surprise, but I’m pretty excited about it.

Streetside in Lima

This is not the prize, this is a shot from a few years back, wandering the streets of Lima, Peru.  I was pretty burnt out after spending so much time at high altitude at Machu Picchu and in Cusco that by the time that I arrived in Lima I had to really persuade myself to go out and explore a bit.  That being said, I’m sure glad I did.  While it’s got it’s standard ‘big city’ things, it does have a good bit of history to it as well.  The architecture and culture are worth getting out and about for alone, and add in a tour or two of some of the interesting buildings and you’ve got yourself a nice afternoon!

Streetside Lima Peru William Woodward