Good Morning California

Well my bag made it back to me late last night, not much before I returned back from a little exploration evening around the town of Oceanside.  I think I might need to rent a surfboard down there one of these evenings.

With the Wind and the Tide

Due to the fact that my bag was left in Los Angeles, there went my tripod as well.  That’s what I get for checking it… Oh well, as I say, when the world leaves your tripod-less, find something else to rest your camera on. The nice thing about not having a tripod, though, was that it helped me look to new things that I may have missed if I was lugging around the camera on the tripod, and I may have even missed this shot.  Just as the sun was hitting the horizon, I noticed that there was this little sailboat out on the horizon, with full sail.  I scrambled in the wet sand to swap lenses, and got a few shots that I was really excited about.  This one had the best waves :).

The Tide Oceanside California William Woodward