Goodbye California

It’s been real.  Take it easy while I’m gone.  Be back.

Wonder in the Sky

I don’t know what it is that draws me to lightning.  I know that I’ve been watching lightning storms as long as I can remember, dad and I would sit out on the back porch and watch them come in.  Even at that young age it was fascinating the colors and flashes of light that danced in the sky.  Lightning can, of course, be dangerous, and is best viewed from somewhere within cover, but the changing aura of the atmosphere around just has a mesmerizing effect on me, and I consistently try to capture it in my camera.  Long exposures are key to great lightning photography, as well as a lot of luck.   Not only do you have to be shooting at the time of the lightning, but you also have to be pointed in the right direction!

Wonder Sky Illinois William Woodward