I know many people love clear blue skies, but they just don’t do it for me.  Unless I’m laying on a beach, then blue sky away.  What’s your favorite weather?

Aqua Blue Water at Bixby Bridge

This amazing evening seemed like a race against the clock.  While I always suggest taking your time when exploring new places, letting yourself get lost in something new, that doesn’t always pan out with the amount of time you’ll have.  In this case, that was true, and our time was limited, and the ‘to-see’ list was pretty extensive.  Technically, we were on our way towards Keystone Rock, although the specifics of where that was had yet to be revealed.  The Bixby Bridge popped out from around a mountain side, and my priorities changed slightly, as it was a great marvel of a structure.

Blue Water Bixby Bridge William Woodward