The Best Beaches

Always seem to have the best signs.

And if you’re really lucky, they’ll have a rope at the end that leads you down a small rock face, and be otherwise unaccessible.

Hole in the Earth

When I first heard about Sunset Cliffs, the first thing that came to mind was “this place has got to be cool with a name like that”.  When you get there, make sure you’re in the dirt parking lot.  I made the mistake of parking on the road, and thinking that you could just take the stairs down to the beach.  The stairs there were quite funny I thought, they lead down a cliffside, and end with a concrete platform, about 10ft x 10ft, above the ocean.  That’s it.  It’s for surfers who are wanting a quick way to get down to the water, but unless you’re swimming, you can’t get to the beach.  Find the sign that I showed above, and you’re on the right track.  Head down a hundred feet or so, and you’ll see the rope.  A last 10 ft rope assisted decent, and you’ll be at Sunset Cliffs beach.  The rock formations at the end are extremely interesting, and as you can see, something special.

Hole in Earth La Jolla William Woodward