Street Photography

The ‘Show Us Your Street’ – Street Photography Challenge (remember, photo opportunity!) is now open for submissions!  We’ve got some good feedback already, and are very much looking forward to your entries!  Remember, there is no camera requirement, no level requirement to this challenge, just a chance to get out and try something that may be new to you.

In the Subway

In my Street Photography tutorial (available HERE), I talked about some different types of ways to incorporate people in to your street photography.  Consenting, Incognizant, and Supporting, being the main three.  This shot is a nice example of the supporting role that people can play in a shot, and realistically this is even more abstract than the way I described the supporting characteristics.  As you can see none of these folks are very much paying attention to the fact that I was shooting here, and there isn’t really and direct indication that the people are the focus of the shot, but their movement thru the scene directly adds to the composition, especially, I feel, the still shoes on the walkway.

Chicago Subway William Woodward