Street Photography

It’s fun, challenging, and can create some stunning images.  People who do it well are few and far between, and I made a little tutorial to help you get started.  Check it out here:

In honor of the new tutorial, Shannon at SeeingSpotsPhoto and I are hosting another Photo Challenge (consider it a photo opportunity!).  Check out the tutorial, then submit up to two (2) photos to   Iphoneography, instagramography, DSLR, film, whatever your flavor, get in on the action!!

The Man with the Tea

Wandering around West Lake in Hangzhou, China was great.  It was also interesting to have people out-rightly walk up and take my picture.  I didn’t mind, but it happened so often that I felt kind of movie-star-esque.  I guess my height made me stand out a bit.  I thought it was an interesting flip, since I was walking around taking pictures of the scenery and people there, and many of them turned their cameras on me!  This man was heating up some tea leaves in preparation for the brewing process, the big pot he had all the tea in had a heater built-in, but the tea needed to be continually tossed as to keep the temperature even.  He seemed to be able to tell if it was getting too much heat at the bottom of the pot just by feel, and then would give the whole lot of it a few tosses to cool and mix up the batch.

Man with Tea Hangzhou William Woodward