Black and White

For me, anyways, it always seems tricky to think in black and white.  I’ve been working on some black and white film that I shot recently, and I think I have lived in this colorful world so long that it’s taking me some time to adjust to seeing it in b&w.

When the Water is Low

During the winter months, the Great Lakes drop a tremendous height, revealing features along waterside that are submerged most months of the year.  Arriving at Europe Bay, we were greeted by a wide, somewhat muddy and rocky ‘beach’, not exactly what you’re hoping for having woken up an hour before sunrise to get to a location.  This was, I think, one of the first times that I actually planned to go on a sunrise shoot.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s happened a bunch, but with less intention, you know.  Having arrived at a spot that had such little potential right off the bat was a little disheartening, but, best thing you can do when you’re somewhere that doesn’t have anything all that interesting to photograph, is move your feet.  Go for a walk in one direction or another.  You never know what you might come across, like what you find at this peninsula at the end of Europe Bay.

Low Water Europe Bay William WoodwardWhen