-9 Degrees Fahrenheit.  AKA -23 Centigrade. 

You know what I don’t like about Fahrenheit?  That it’s harder to spell than Centigrade.  Also, that with centigrade, you know when it’s unfortunately cold, as soon as it get’s 0 or below, not that fake tricky cold where you think ‘oh it’s only 25…’.   Also, it was -9 F today on my phone when I went outside, so I’ve got a current grudge.

Adrift on the Tide

I thought I would share something today to remind me and you all (except those warm weather folks) of the warmer feelings in life.  The sunset seemed to last longer than many that I’ve seen before, providing time to hope to and fro between rocks, trying out new compositions, adjusting and trying again.  While I like to try and get my shots right and perfect the first time, you’ll sometimes notice things as you’re going that don’t flow, or a feeling that isn’t quite right.  That’s okay!  Just set up to be able to fix those things, and try again.  No one is going to come tell you that you’ve taken too many photos.  As you progress, though, I think everyone finds themselves shooting less, seeing what their camera will see before they even look thru it, and knowing how the scene will play out.

Adrift Tide La Jolla William Woodward