Great Things

I’ve read or heard or something (terrible start to a sentence) that in order to do great things, you have to take great risks.  I’m very certain that is true, and even those who’ve been there before, looking towards the next ‘big thing’ can be daunting.

As the Sun Pours Out

There are a few places that really stand out in my memory, and this is definitely one of them.   I think it has to do with being the first time I was in this type of amazing terrain.  I mean I’ve been thru the mountains and all, but there was something about these particular mountains.  It may have been that it was my first ‘real’ time travelling outside the US, and being on my own, and realizing that THIS was really happening.  In any case, the Peruvian culture that was dispersed throughout this beautiful landscape was something to be seen.  We had previously stopped in a little town, where you can buy some trinkets  but I was more interested in the food!  They had Coca tea, (thru some chemical processes, these are the same plants that cocaine is extracted from) which is great for helping your body with the altitude, and a very interesting corn on the cob and cheese combo.  None of that melty fake nacho cheese, a chunk off a wheel, sweet with a little bit of a cheddar bite.

Peru Mountains William Woodward

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