TED Talks, do you ever listen to these?  Here’s their title line: “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”. I like to just sit and listen to different talks while I’m working.  It’s almost soothing, you know.  One that I heard recently was by Shawn Achor, who talked about some simple things you can and should do every day, that I found so important to my happiness that I wrote them down.  They are gratitudes, journaling, exercise, meditation, and random acts of kindness.  I’ve put my journal back in my bag, and plan on working on my meditation.

B&W Under the Bridge

The best part about shooting at night is, generally, that you are completely alone.  Even in a city as big as New York, late in to the night people are generally less abundant, and when looking for interesting new views of different buildings and structures, you’ll often find yourself in a quiet place, hopefully with some music in your iPod and the soft click of a shutter to break the silence.

Bridge New York William Woodward