New Orleans

Just booked a trip, heading down for Mardi Gras!  Should be an exciting week!


High Above Yosemite Valley

I wish I had a photo of the number of people atop Glacier Point this evening.  While locations can seem glamerous to the final shot, there are lots of times you’re fighting off other people in order to get the best angles.  Me personally, I go  for the approach of going where most people don’t want to be, like on top of the stone wall next to a cliff.  Doesn’t seem to attract a large number of tripods anyways, so if you’re not worried about suffering from vertigo, give it a try.  😀

As the lights faded and the sun had set well below the horizon, Yosemite Valley soon became quite dark, less the slowly increasing number of campfires, tent lights, flashlights, and cars moving about.   It’s a strange perspective, having the ground literally fall away before you, and overlooking a deep valley, bustling with campers, hikers, and climbers.  Since the mountain faces were so light, they really caught the light, while the trees in the valley faded to black.  As much as I love shooting HDR, sometimes the light just works for having a nice black color (I’m going to get in trouble for calling black a color) in your photo.   If I’ve said it once, though, I’ve said it a million times; the main ‘problem’ with shooting sunsets, is that dark comes right after.  And if you have to drive 1.5 hrs to set up camp, you might not get to bed too early.

Yosemite Valley William Woodward