2012 Video

I think I’m going to try and put a video together of all my shots from 2012.  Not ALL of them, but all the published shots.  It should be fun!   I also put together an album of favorites over on facebook.  Check it out HERE.

Is Anybody Out There

Every once in a while it’s fun to think about what might be wandering around at other reaches of our universe, maybe even looking back towards us.  These little buildings were speckled around the top of Mt. Evans, outside of Denver, Colorado.  It’s a great pit stop if you’re in the area and have an afternoon to fill.  The beauty of the Rocky mountains is indescribable, and one that’s been captured in photographs for ages.  Just remember, as you ascend the nearly 2 miles to the summit, the temperature will drop a bit, so don’t be like me and wear shorts… 🙂

Mt Evans William Woodward