Tutorials Update

If you haven’t been there recently, the TUTORIALS section of the website is getting a bit of an overhaul.  The flow is getting streamlined and new content is being constantly added as I learn and implement new techniques.

in the lakePicture Perfect Reflections

Sometimes, getting the shot means getting involved.  And sometimes involved means in the lake.  The first shot that I tried from the bank included more foreground than I was interested in, and took away some feeling from the reflections.  Also, as you can see in the shot to the right, I wanted to get as low and close to the water as possible.  Here’s a tip, when you’re shooting reflections, the closer you are to the reflective surface, the more mirrored your reflections will be.  It’s not always possible, but sometimes, as the saying goes, you’ve got to get your feet wet.

One small problem with getting in the water, though, was disturbing the water’s glass like surface.  I wanted to make sure that there were as few ripples as possible, so I ended up standing perfectly still for several minutes waiting for the water to be calm.  It took a little more time, but the end result was worth the effort.

Picture Perfect Reflections