A classic quote, taken in front of a classic place.  Time to trow off the bowlines.


The Little House on the Hill

It was one of those nights where you are just really hoping for something interesting to pull out the vision that you have of a shot.  The fog was dense, even to the point of being somewhat hard to drive.  You could really see the rays of light in the fog as you moved passed a stationary light, but even though I found a few other spots that seemed interesting, they lost their feeling a bit when you weren’t moving around.  Then, as I was nearing the point of giving up for the night, out of the darkness came a lone house.  It’s back lighting and eerie interior lights created an aura of something from a scary movie.   I’m not one who would say that they are ‘scared of the dark’, but after seeing this shot on the back of the camera, I definitely made my way a little quicker than usual back to my car.  That may also have had to do with being in the middle of someone’s front yard, in the dark, with a camera…

House on Hill William Woodward