Advanced HDR

This seems like the next logical step in training you folks to create beautiful photography.  I’ve already got the “Complete Guide to HDR – Start to Finish“, which goes in to all the details of starting your journey in to HDR, but I realized that there really isn’t a great source for the folks that have been shooting for a while, and really have their own techniques and tricks for developing their photos.  The Advanced HDR tutorial will fill that need.

What Lies Below

Wow, I’m kind of surprised I haven’t published this shot earlier… Maybe I did over on Facebook or Google+, but it hasn’t hit the blog yet for sure.  I really love this photo, a beautiful sunset forming over La Jolla beach, the waves rolling in, and these amazing rock formations laid out in front of you. I was actually having a nice conversation with another photographer during this shot, so it would be extremely interesting to see his version of the scene.  I definitely have met more photographers during my month in California than I have anywhere else, which was great.  I personally thing that the more people out there expressing themselves thru this medium, the better.  Anyways, I digress.  Looking down in to these different pools was fascinating, and as I proceeded to reach my hand in to one, I saw something moving in the shadows… I didn’t think about reaching in again, just observing. 😛

Jolla Beach William Woodward