New Orleans

This is going to be a busy week.  Two work days, then heading south to New Orleans.  Can’t wait to get some photographs and spend time with friends!

Abandoned Above San Francisco

One of the many spots to get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge is from Hendrick Point, home to Battery Spencer.


Battery Spencer’s Gun 2 circa 1913. Photo courtesy of John Martini.

I was standing directly in front of where the gun pictured above was at one time mounted.  The size and scale of these guns must have been amazing.  With San Francisco being one of the main ports for the US, it makes sense that they were so heavily armed at it’s mouth.  Now, though, all that remains are the shells of the once bustling batteries.  Well, I suppose they are still bustling, but with tourists trying to catch a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge thru the dense summer fog.

San Francisco William Woodward