Stars Timelapse

Have you all had a chance to check out the behind the scenes star trails video on YouTube?  It’s available here!  I’ve been playing around a lot lately with more timelapses  but still in the learning stages, and I want to make sure they come out awesome before sharing.

Peaking Thru the Fog

I guess that I never really understood how foggy San Francisco really was till I tried to capture some images of the Golden Gate bridge last summer… I would only get one or two shots at a time before the whole bridge would go back under the fog, and to be honest it was a bit frustrating!  Not wanting to walk away without an image of the top peaking out, though, I stubbornly waited until the top of the bridge finally peaked out enough to be noticeable.  Even with the fog, though, the Golden Gate National Recreation area is still quite interesting.  You can visit some of the old battery posts that were once protecting the headlands, as well as the views it would generally offer of the bridge and city.

Fog San Francisco William Woodward