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High Window City Watching

There’s something enthralling about being high above all the other buildings in a large city.  That’s probably why we’re consistently trying to build taller and taller buildings.  One of these days I’d like to go check out Dubai, and see what the tallest building in the world feels like.  They say that in some of these super sky scrapers, that at the top you are actually moving a foot or two in either direction as the wind blows, which is completely mind blowing.

A place I regularly go with folks who’ve never been before in Chicago is the John Hancock building, as you can get higher than the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) and you don’t have to pay to go up!  They have a nice little lounge/bar area, where the drinks aren’t cheap, but when you consider that you have a place to sit and chat, along with the view, it all about evens out. The other nice thing about the JH, is that since it’s just north of the river, you actually have a pretty nice view of the downtown area.

City Watching Chicago William Woodward