The Happiest Cities

San Francisco made the number seven spot, and the only US city to hit the top 10.  I think their weight of ‘shopping centers’ could have been a little lower, but maybe that’s just less important to me than to everyone else (just give me a good camera store and I’m all set!). You can read the full article here:


The Mailbox Place

Speaking of San Francisco, and seeing as I very well may be heading back there in the next few weeks, I thought it appropriate to share a shot that was taken just north of SF, somewhere between the Muir Woods National Monument and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Planning and road tripping – One thing I want to say about road trips, and about travelling in general, is one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve given to anyone is be sure to take time to just get lost.  ‘Plan’ in time for going down a windy road that leads to somewhere you haven’t researched.  As much fun as it is to use Google to find awesome stops along your path, part of the adventure is not knowing what you might find.

The Mailbox Place