Spring Art Scene

I know this is last minute, but there is a show going on tonight in Rockford. If you’re around/available, we’d love to see you out!

North Main Studios
2500 N. Main St., Door 4 South, 2nd Floor,
Rockford, IL.
(815) 962-5200
April 5th 5-9pm
April 6th 3-9pm

The Cajun Hot Tub

After deciding when we would be in New Orleans, I started looking around at things to do surrounding the city, knowing we would probably have plenty of city time spent on all of the parades and festivities surrounding Mardi Gras.  (I know I haven’t got any pictures up just yet, but I’m working on a video and I should have lots of time next week to work on it!).  We decided to head out to a Swamp Tour (here-after pronounced Swamp Terr in our hillbilly voices).  Long story short, it was a great 2 hour trip.  Alligators galore, even being early in the year, but my favorite part of the terr (tour) was likely all the architecture along the river/swamp, especially this hot tub.

Cajun Hot Tub William Woodward