Off the Grid

It’s been a while since I’ve been posting on here, and for good reason.  I want to make sure the content that I bring you as readers is as good as it can be; not rushed/short changed photos and writings.  I do hope that you’ve been following along on Facebook and Google+ for the updates, and some behind the scenes, but in case you haven’t, this week I’ll put up some of what I’ve been sharing over there.

The Holi Festival – Part 1

I’m calling this part 1 since I’ve got a pretty good handful of photos from the festival, and wanted to break it up in to two different posts.

I’ll be honest, Holi for photographers is like being a kid in a candy store.  There are so many interesting and happy and fun loving people all in one place, all with one intention, to celebrate this wonderful festival in Spanish Fork, Utah.  So every hour, there would be a countdown, and all at once everyone would jump up in the air and throw their color as wildly as possible.  It was actually all very quick, so getting the perfect moment was a bit tricky.  Luckily, there was pretty great backdrops on both sides, this one having the Krishna temple, and the other direction having white capped mountains.

Holi Part 1 Spanish William Woodward

A shout out to Smugmug, where I host my Gallery, and their motto.  “Billions of happy photos. Millions of passionate customers.”  Seen here on a new friend, Roma.  If you’re looking to purchase photos, click the link above.  Or just peruse the pages of photos at your leisure.


I’m convinced, she’s magic.  It’s like a little sorcerers ball in the palm of her hand.  Britta took a break from shooting for the day to do some tricks for me. 🙂