If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you’ll know how much of a fan I am of the ole road trip.  Friday I had the privelage of guest blogging on the popular ‘Roadtrippers’ website, which if you haven’t used yet it’s worth a look.  The post can be seen here:

As the Night Fades

Late in to the evening, hanging out again with Casey McCallister, Michael Bonocore, and Toby Harriman, I noticed that the stars were out high above the beautiful city of San Francisco.  Well, being quote a fan of astrophotography, I switched lenses to my ultra-wide, and decided to try some long exposure star shooting.  If you’re looking to get started taking photos of stars, check out my tutorial HERE.

I think anyone would tell you that San Francisco is a great place to photograph, with all it’s different vantage points and interesting architecture and landscapes. But, as Toby put in his post earlier (which motivated me to finish up this shot), this is definitely one of the best views.  Toby was doing some awesome timelapse shooting in the bottom left of the frame, and next time I go back I’m going to have to steal his location 🙂

Night Fades San Francisco William Woodward