Ultra Long Exposures

I’ve been attempting something pretty new for me here lately, it’s the art of Ultra Long Exposure photography.  The image below, it was taken at a third of a second.  That’s 0.333 seconds.  The longest that I’ve tried last week was over 500 seconds, over 8 minutes!  As you can imagine, the truly interesting thing about this is going to be the contrast between the motion of certain parts of the scene, and the steadfastness of others.  Clouds become streaks, water becomes completely flat, but many objects are steadfast.  It should be a very interesting contradiction.

On the Edge of the World

Over the weekend I had some time to work on developing photos, and it was nice to get back to a California state of mind. Ending up on the beach each evening after work was a great way to wind down, and there were a number of nights with perfect sunsets. I use this saying a lot, but it was like being a kid in a candy store, running around trying different compositions.

The Edge La Jolla Beach William Woodward