Finding New Shots

I find that one of the harder issues that I have is finding something completely interesting and novel at a scene that literally has thousands of visitors every week. So, what we decided to do was go back to the falls at night. It was clear, crisp and cold. The stars were out, and not a soul was at the falls. This may or may not have been taken past the viewing area, but I couldn’t leave without seeing what it was like.

They Sparkle at Night – Multnomah Falls // Bridal Veil, Oregon

This night was AWESOME. I intend on using the word awesome to it’s full meaning as well, actually inspiring awe.

The hardest part about this shot was getting it clear, as the amount of mist coming off the falls near the base was challenging. I kept a lens cloth over the lens in between shots while I was changing settings. All in all, I think I got what I came for.


  • Nikon D600
  • 14mm @ f2.8
  • ISO 1250
  • 30 sec

Sparkling Night Bridal Veil William Woodward