About Being on the Road

Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. ~Byrd Baggett

Cross Country // Illinois to Oregon

Okay, so I’m going to apologize ahead of time.  I picked a lot of photos for this post.  I think it’s 25 or some crazy number like that.  I hope that’s okay 🙂

Apartment Finding

My first trip to Portland, and what do I decide to do?  Leave the city straight away and head to the ocean.  I mean, really, I was supposed to be looking for an apartment, but it’s hard to concentrate with the beauty of the ocean being only 1.25 hours away.


Day 2 of apartment finding, Mutlnomah falls.  If you’ve been following along on the blog, you’ll have already seen some shots from there.  There were no apartments available at the waterfall.


The Big Move

We picked out an apartment, finally, and it’s awesome-sauce.  Just saying.  So we packed up the car and hit the road.  After about 200 miles, the GPS said something along the lines of ‘stay on this road for 1,643 miles’.   This is going to be a bit of a long trip.


First stop, the Badlands in South Dakota.  It kind of feels like ‘flat, flat, flat, whoa where did those come from?’ Also, I didn’t know I did that tongue thing when shooting… I might need to work on that.


Later that day Britta and I got photo-bombed by some stone-faced guys.


Rabbits like to travel too.


Especially when they get to hang out with a carrot toy in the bed.


Day 2: Bearclaw Pass, heading to Yosemite.  Actually technically I think this was day 3, but day one was just Illinois/Wisconsin/Minnesota, part of South Dakota, and day 2 was Badlands.  Back on track now.  I was stoked to get some use out of my new tripod and ballhead by Feisol and Sunwayfoto respectively, and they both performed flawlessly, setting up quickly in the cold, and letting me get some great angles of the mountains, mist, and fall colors.


See, new tripod.  It’s tall, and I like tall tripods. I think I was standing on a hill, which is why I’m leaning funny…


Well we couldn’t actually cross Bearclaw pass, because they had just closed it.  I say we should have waited for the the guard people to leave and gone thru anyways, but alas, we went around, and that turned out okay too.  First things first, Yosemite has a lot of Bison.  I mean a lot.  Sometimes they are just all up in your space.


But, it turned out good for some nice close-ups.


That night, we found a cheap hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I’m not actually sure if it’s Jackson or Jackson Hole, just that some people call it both names.  So whichever you prefer.  They were right next to a massive elk reserve, so needless to say that had a slight abundance of elk antler sheds.  They put them on everything!  “Hi, welcome to Coffee Express, would you like an elk antler with your coffee this morning?”


I have officially lost track of the days, but we’re somewhere in the Grand Teton National Park here.  Enjoying larger than life mountains, perfect fall colors, and great weather.


See, fall colors.


All the sudden, one day it decided to snow.  A lot.  Good thing we weren’t moving to Florida, we might not have had our coats.  Then again if we were in Yellowstone on our way to Florida, there may have been other issues other than coats…


Then all the sudden 4 days had gone by, and we were still in Wyoming.  Oops.  Time flies when there are mountains on the horizon!


This shot is for my friend Daphne, she asked me long ago about a perfect fall birch trees picture, and to be honest I had nothing.  But, now I do 🙂


We left Yellowston/Tetons and made our way to Idaho/Washington, right on the border.  We ended up in a swanky hotel, which Lola quickly decided she was very happy about, and promptly stretched out under the bathroom sink.


Day 7?  Must have been, because after we left the Palouse Falls, we drove straight thru to Portland.  There was a teeny tiny trail along those cliffs, that one day when I’m feeling courageous I will climb.  But that day was not day 7.


That’s all folks!  Hope you all enjoyed the ride-along 🙂  Oh, and what are we doing now that we’re here?  Still shooting of course!