Inspiration of the Day

Sounds alright by me!

We chose the hard way, because the easy way would never satisfy us. We choose it because we are so passionate, there never really was a choice at all. We choose it for the same reason a fisherman picks up his pole when others tell him “the fish aren’t biting” and “the weather is nasty outside” – a bad day in the field is always better than a good day in the office.

It’s been a wild few weeks getting settled in out in Oregon.  Currently I’m actually in southern OR on the road, so hopefully I’ll have some time to write a few posts to publish the next few days!  Keep checking back, I’ll be writing a lot more here in the next few weeks!

I’m On Fire

Part of the epic lightning storm last Friday (well it was last Friday when I originally wrote this… Actually August 31st…) night. I was lucky enough to capture this bolt right at sunset, with some great orange on the horizon.  I really love editing lightning shots. The energy just seems to flow out of them (zing).

Midwest Lightning Sunset William Woodward