Reflecting on 2013

I suppose it’s that time of year again, the time where we reflect on what’s passed, and where we’re heading. Last year I did a very bad job of picking out just 12 photos that were my ‘favorites of 2012,’ so this year I’m holding myself to only choose 13.  I’ve just started my gallery, available HERE.  You can keep up with it as I add new photos and why they are my favorites 🙂

*The White Bowl // Upper Horsetail Falls, Oregon*

The scene up the gorge was pretty awesome over the weekend, with all the ferns curled up from the cold, but everything still quite covered in green. That was, until you came across a waterfall. It was like someone just threw a splash of white paint all around, icicles and color building up on every surface that mist may have flown.

frozen waterfall upper horsetail falls oregon william woodward