Baby It’s Cold Outside

As this cold snap comes to an end, I hope that at least a few people had an aurora storm to keep company these last few days, because most of the country hasn’t had any warm weather!

*Waiting – Peter Iredale // Warrenton, Oregon*

Since the majority of the US is going thru quite a cold snap, I thought I would share something that might make y’all feel just a bit warmer. Not that winter on a PNW beach is exactly balmy, but I think the point stands.

The Peter Iredale is a shipwreck found on a beach outside Warrenton Oregon, and to my surprise the night we decided to explore it, we were lucky enough to be relatively alone in our attempts. I find my favorite memories aren’t from those spots where you’re fighting for a spot to stick your tripod, but from where you’re alone to explore the possibilities of making your photograph.

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