Here’s a few things that happened to us in Alaska.  It was an amazing trip, and I know we’ll be spending some more time there soon.

The last two states, combined in one beautiful grill.


First thing’s first, we went after some mountains and glaciers!


I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed dog sledding until the other day.  Now I could probably become a musher… o_o

dogs 1

So who would we run in to in Anchorage?  Andrew (who is from Illinois)!  What does Andrew do in Alaska?  DOG MUSHER!  So we mushed with Andrew.  It was everything we wanted it to be!

dogs 2

After all those dogs, we were obviously dogged out.  Wait, no we weren’t, and we went to see the official re-start in Willow, Alaska.


One of the best things of the day, watching Andrew help Dallas Seevey start the Iditarod.

Andrew Start