Alone on the Beach

Running Owl

One day, I’ll find this owl.  Thanks to Austin Thomas for the shot.


Alone on the Beach – Blacks Beach // San Diego, California

Another instance of being stranded out somewhere well after dark because I stayed out to shoot a sunset. I realized about 30 minutes after the sun went down that I had at least an hour walk back to the car, and the problem with that was that I didn’t exactly know where the trail that would take me up to the car was.

In lieu of making this a bad situation, and with the glow of San Diego in the distance, I decided to take the oppotunity to capture the far off city, and the stars that hung in the sky. Oh, and I did find the trail, but not after walking about a third of the way up the wrong trail and realizing that I didn’t recognize parts of the trail that I should. I made it home before midnight 

For those of you slightly more interested in the technical side, I’ll be adding this information a little more often.  You can always see what gear I’m using in my Gear Bag.
Nikon D7000

Blacks Beach San Diego William Woodward

Pebbles on the Beach


I was told after I titled this shot that it should have been named ‘Infinity’.  It’s always fun to hear what a shot can mean to someone else, especially since I always wonder how well the title of my photos make sense.

Pebbles on the Beach

Apparently I was just feeling literal the day that I processed this photo.  Maybe infinity would have been a better title… Who know.  Well I guess you, the reader, know what you like more… Anyways!  I’ve always been a rock collector.  I’ve got rocks from pretty much every corner of the earth, at least five continents worth, and planning on collecting more!  It’s one thing that always comes home with me, and I’ve got a nice little box going now for safe keeping.

Beach La Jolla William Woodward



To the winners, Mindy and Adam, who were notified via Google + and Facebook yesterday afternoon.


This massive rock was just a dot on the horizon when I started walking towards it. Little did I know at the time how awesome it would be up close.  I ended up just spending a lot of time exploring it’s nooks and crannies, and just enjoying being around something so awesome.  Sometimes you need to take some time and just sit back, away from the camera, and just enjoy the amazing things around you.  And being on a beach doesn’t hurt 😛

Grandios Blacks Beach William Woodward