Follow Me Home – Highway 1

New SmugMug! 

The new SmugMug launch is being streamed live today at 12:30 CST! I have to say that this has caused quite a buzz in the photo world, and I’m definitely buzzing. The entire thing will be shown, live, here:

My galleries have long since been hosted by SmugMug, and they are an amazing company. I only see things getting better from here. Thanks Chris MacAskillMichael Bonocore, and all the others that have been putting in the extreme hours to get this going today!

Follow Me Home – Highway 1 // Goleta, California

I’ve really been interested in astrophotography as of late.  It’s ultra fun to shoot, because you’re out there in the pitch dark, but there is an amazing display of lights above your head.  This shot of the milky way came from our first trip out to California, and actually our first night on the road.  We pulled off on a slightly sketchy gravel road that wound it’s way high on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The wind was howling, and I used the car to block the wind off the camera.  The two lights you see on the horizon are actually oil rigs out at sea, and the way they framed the base of the Milky Way worked out just right.

Follow Me Home California William Woodward