Welcome! After a long and bumpy gravel road somewhere outside of Chemuyil, Mexico, a small Mayan town, we began seeing signs for Cenote Hunaan Ha, which roughly translates to Water Godess or Lady Water, depending on who tells you about it.  I wrote about this cenote late last year HERE (p.s. in case you were wondering, it’s been a whole YEAR since my adventure, and I enjoy reliving and telling stories of it thru these photos).

One thing we got to do while here was some free style cave diving.  The two people you see in the photo ran the hostel I was staying at, along with his mother and his brother, who happened to be an experienced cave diver for the area.  Once we got into the water, it quickly proved exciting for me to see how far we could get under into the caves before having to turn around.  I began to get my water lungs, and became comfortable holding my breath for longer and longer periods of time.  One time into the larger mouthed cave, I made it deep enough to make out an air bubble with my flashlight.  After rounding up the brother, we made an all out attempt, swimming deeper into the cave than ever before, and coming up in a small air pocket just big enough to come up for a deep breath.  It was a great spot to catch your second breath, and became a stopping point as we were able to go deeper into the cave.  Things quickly become pitch black that deep under the earth, and the lush jungle waters that were full of life in the sun faded to the greys of cave life.

Bienvenidos Yucantan William Woodward

Down the path you’ll come to this crystal clear pool, which like I’ve said, feels pretty darn good on a Mexico summer day.

Bienvenidos 2 Yucantan William Woodward