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We chose the hard way, because the easy way would never satisfy us. We choose it because we are so passionate, there never really was a choice at all. We choose it for the same reason a fisherman picks up his pole when others tell him “the fish aren’t biting” and “the weather is nasty outside” – a bad day in the field is always better than a good day in the office.

It’s been a wild few weeks getting settled in out in Oregon.  Currently I’m actually in southern OR on the road, so hopefully I’ll have some time to write a few posts to publish the next few days!  Keep checking back, I’ll be writing a lot more here in the next few weeks!

I’m On Fire

Part of the epic lightning storm last Friday (well it was last Friday when I originally wrote this… Actually August 31st…) night. I was lucky enough to capture this bolt right at sunset, with some great orange on the horizon.  I really love editing lightning shots. The energy just seems to flow out of them (zing).

Midwest Lightning Sunset William Woodward

Wonder in the Sky

Goodbye California

It’s been real.  Take it easy while I’m gone.  Be back.

Wonder in the Sky

I don’t know what it is that draws me to lightning.  I know that I’ve been watching lightning storms as long as I can remember, dad and I would sit out on the back porch and watch them come in.  Even at that young age it was fascinating the colors and flashes of light that danced in the sky.  Lightning can, of course, be dangerous, and is best viewed from somewhere within cover, but the changing aura of the atmosphere around just has a mesmerizing effect on me, and I consistently try to capture it in my camera.  Long exposures are key to great lightning photography, as well as a lot of luck.   Not only do you have to be shooting at the time of the lightning, but you also have to be pointed in the right direction!

Wonder Sky Illinois William Woodward

Street Shooting

Street Shooting

I’m always half weary of my side of the road adventures, because more often than not they take place at dawn or dusk, when the sun is just right for casting all sorts of colors, which also makes them not the best times for people looking out for a car stopped half off the road…

This time was even later into the night, off on one of my several storm chasing adventures this summer.  I decided to try and capture the lights of the passerby’s and use them in the scene for some different style lighting.

Street Shooting // William Woodward

Street Shooting 2 // William Woodward

Lightning and Lightning Bugs

Lightning and Lightning Bugs

When I started processing this photo I couldn’t figure out what those little stripes of yellow across the scene were…  I almost went in to remove them, thinking that it was some weird reaction my camera had to the bright lightning flash, then realized that it was actually light trails from the lightning bugs!  I had once read that they tend to light up in response to bright flashing light, so it makes sense that a couple would be seen after a lightning strike.  I’ve wanted to somehow capture them when there are hundreds all at once in a field, but they really don’t put off as much light as one would think… I also read that a lot of photos that you see of them in large quantities have been faked, so I don’t know how I feel about that.  I tried a month or two ago to get a photo, but I never processed any of them yet… Good reminder to go back and check those out!

Lightning Bugs Illinois William Woodward

Lightning Over the City

Photo Shoots

Had a great weekend of photography, well actually last week too.  There is a building that I’ve tried to get some shots of before, but the first go-round didn’t really pan out, so I made it back there on Wednesday and got a few angles that I think will really turn out.  I also had a really fun photo shoot with a friend of mine, Lauren, who did awesome in front of the camera.  I’ll be sharing some of those in the next few days.


A new opportunity arose early last week to work with a firm that wanted to license a piece of mine for a customer based in Canada!  How cool, so they will be using the shot for some literature and other parts for a conference.  The story behind the shot was part of my trip out to visit the sister in Arizona last year, with one of the criteria being getting some time hiking up on Camelback Mountain.  As I said then and I’ll say again, getting a photo like this unfortunately means climbing down the mountain in the dark!

Lightning Over the City

A Bit More Lightning

Well it seems the summer storm season has come and gone, but I’ve still got a couple more up my sleeve.  I’ll sneak them in over the next few weeks, and keep all sorts of new and old ones coming!

Lightning City Illinois William Woodward



Well here marks the end of Thunderstorm Week. Fortunately there will be some bonus thunderstorm photos that I’ll sneak in for the next few weeks, and depending on if we get some more good storms for me to run after, maybe even some more after that.

This photo I’ve deemed the “trifecta” as it captured a really cool three bolt, nearly simultaneous strike, illuminating the clouds, but still portraying the darkness that some of these storms have happened in.

Trifecta William Woodward

So how was theme week?  Too much of one thing, or a nice way to showcase a certain idea or style?

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