All Around Cusco ~ Cusco, Peru

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I’m already working on the next trip-lapse video from New Orleans, then Utah is on the to-do list.

All Around Cusco

With a few friends running around Cusco this week with The Giving Lens, I was remembering how beautiful of a city it was, and pulled out this gem, a full 360 degree panoramic at the Ovalo de Pachacuteq. You can just see, in the bottom center of the photo, the shadow of the statue that I had climbed for this scenic view.

Another fun thing to think about, the sun in the upper right of the photo is casting that shadow 😉  I’ll be uploading the full size image to Smugmug just as soon as I get my laptop back from the Doctor…

Around Cusco William Woodward

Evenings on the Streets of Cusco

Come Say Hello! 

I’ll be at FotoEnvy/Studio Works building at 317 W. Jefferson Street for most of the afternoon/evening.  Here’s a map to the location.  Stop in and say hey!

Evenings on the Streets of Cusco

Some 3000m above sea level, and in the southern hemisphere’s winter, it was a bit brisk in Cusco.  That did make for a nice temperature to wander around and not get warm walking up and down the large hills and narrow streets. Around every corner was a new scene, old lights illuminating the sidewalks, people bustling to and fro.


When you have lots of moving objects in your scene, it’s important to blend a single image back in to the final product to get rid of the ‘ghosting’ effect that you’ll have in your tonemapped image. Layer the two images in Photoshop and using the masking tool, mask thru the hdr down to one of the bracketted photos.  (I usually pick the 0 or +2EV for moving things, but use what is most interesting to you!)

Evenings of Cusco Peru William Woodward

Lights in the Hills


Thursday is going to be launch day for the new updates!  Unfortunately this is pushing out the HDR panoramic tutorial, but I’m hoping to have that done by the end of next week.

Lights in the Hills

This one looks cool large.  Make sure to click on it to see a larger view.  Later in the evening, wandering the streets of Cusco, the houses lit up the the hills like they were covered in Christmas lights.  Every night in Cusco is like this, you’ll see people filling the squares, socializing, heading to and fro.  The social nature of the place will draw you in and make you feel welcome.

Lights in Hills Peru William Woodward

The Red Bar

Gallery Showing: April 13th and 14th

A local shop is putting on a pretty cool gallery coming up, and I’ll have some work up in there.  Here’s the little spoof from the event’s holders:

FotoEnvy and Studio Works have teamed up to provide one of the newest and largest art exhibit in Rockford. We will be hosting a wide array of art in different media from the following artists:

  • Josiah Sjöström
  • Angelica Goral
  • Joseph Goral
  • Sarah Hoey
  • Ryan Davis
  • Greg Farnham
  • William Woodward
  • Kellie Logterman
  • Lyndsay Holm
  • Brian Milo
  • Chris Warkocki
  • TJ Duckett
  • Nikki Hollander
  • Kyle Wilson
  • Trisha Mündt
  • Christina Ditzler
  • Ron Clevenger
  • Drew Eurek

If you’re interested in stopping by, the show opens Friday at 3pm, and here’s a map for you

The Red Bar

Found while wandering around late nights in Cusco, Peru. While it is definitely a ‘tourist destination’, being the kick off point to many people’s trek to Machu Picchu, it still has a very old world feel to it, and walking off a cobblestone street full of locals, to a rather ritzy place like this was a strange feeling.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

Red Bar Peru William Woodward

Thru the Arch

Thru the Arch

Wandering around Cusco, Peru was a bit of an eye opening experience for me.  I was for the most part alone as I wandered too and fro in the city.  Trying my best to use my broken Spanish to find my directions, or locate a certain building.  I had been going and going since the day before, I actually slept in the airport in Lima, and woke at around 5a.m. or so to hop my flight to Cusco, so it’s sufficient to say that after a day of wandering the city, I was in a bit of a state of trancedence.  Miles passed under my feet, and still I wandered on.  One thing that amazed me is how many people there were on the streets at any given point in the day.  Ancient architecture of the Incas, built over by the Spanish, still lined the streets, the rocks smooth now after centuries past.

Thru Arch Peru William Woodward

Morning Haze Over Cusco

Morning Haze Over Cusco

My arrival into Cusco, Peru was less than glorified.  First off, the night before had been spent on a fairly cold airport floor in Lima, Peru.  I had landed sometime late in the evening coming in from Panama City, Panama, and had attempted to get an hour or so of computer time logged to track my progress.  Apparently I had run out of time prior to saving my work, so it was pretty late before I finished and tried to find a comfy spot to spend the next five hours till my early a.m. flight out to Cusco.  My saving grace was knowing that I had found a cheap (albeit not the most convenient to my sleeping schedule/location) flight to Cusco, which would save me a day each way on a bus.  Once finally into Cusco, my plan was to ring my couchsurfing host and plan on a meeting location to get me settled in.  Well, something about his phone and my phone did not agree, so I ended up doing my best in Spanish to make my way towards where I thought he lived.

After feeling a bit uncomfortable about my selection of taxi driver, due mainly to his determination to stay off of any sort of main road (by now I’m certain that one of these are going to end in his buddies waiting to take all my things…), we arrived at what he thought was the location of my scribbled address.  He motioned again to see my paper (did I mention he didn’t speak any English?), and decided that in fact we were not in the right spot.  Off again!  A few more half paved roads and poor judgements in infrastructure avoided and we arrive at the base of a long and steep staircase.  ‘Up there,’ he points, and up there I head.  Not being acclimated to the altitude, the stairs quickly caught up with me.   As I finally panted my way to the top level, there seemed to be no sign of the apartment I was looking for.  Trying in Spanish, asking a shop owner if he knew where it could be, we came to the agreement of a particular, unmarked, door that may be what I was looking for.  Finally, Ronnie answered, I made it.  This is the first view out the entryway of his apartment, taken around 7:15am local time.

Morning Haze Cusco William Woodward