Sights of Splendor

Yes or No

You can’t be told ‘yes’ to something if you don’t ask for it, and you can’t be told ‘no’ to something that you forgot to ask about.  Use these pieces of information wisely.  I used it here, to get bumped up a few stories in the hotel, and then managed to move in to a room with a balcony.  Why not ask?!

Sights of Splendor

The Splendor was the name of our hotel.  It offered some great views of the city, and since there were so many lights, and low hanging clouds, this many times continued late in to the night.  Sometimes I can’t decide what I like better, a wide panoramic, or an up close detail… They both posed some neat opportunities for shooting this go around, so I decided to to both. The first here, is a bit zoomed in, really focused on the neat set of rain clouds moving across a distant part of the city.

Splendor Taichung William Woodward

This photo, stitched from two separate HDR’s, gives a little more vast feel to the size and expansive caliber of the city.

Sights of Splendor Panoramic