Three Pillars Towards the Sky

Faith in America

If you’re in to religious buildings (like the one below), you should definitely check out Scott Jarvie’s “Faith In America” kickstarter project here:

Three Pillars Towards the Sky – Temple Square // SLC, Utah

I really can’t say enough about the trip out to Utah. Every time I head west I find more and more things and people and places that I enjoy.  After running around with a great group of photogs on a #jarviewalk, a few of us decided to hit Ensign Peak for a sunset over this city. Apparently all day shooting wasn’t enough this day, and Jared M. Gant offered to show Britta and I around Temple Square.

Seen here, the Salt Lake Temple over the Reflecting Pool was definitely worth the extra time spent.

Three Pillars Temple Square William Woodward

Glow of the Mountain


I know that workflow is a tough cookie to crack whether you’re first getting started in digital photography or have been long vested in the craft.  Check out my newest tutorial, a guide to general digital photography workflow HERE.

Glow of the Mountain

What a fantastic city, and a great group of people that we spent time with out there! After finishing up a #jarviewalk with Scott Jarvie, a couple of us decided to spend the sunset at Ensign Peak, and ended up shooting well in to the night. Casey Grimley, Jared M. Gant, Britta Emily, and I had a great time watching the sun go down and the stars come out.

Mountain SLC William Woodward