A Day in Rio De Janeiro

I’m sharing this awesome video because Rio (well all of Brazil really) is pretty high on my list.

Shot on Canon 5DMKIII

Song licensed at The Music Bed // – Lowercase Noises “An ocean Tumbled”

30 Days

Here’s another nicely shot video for this lovely Saturday.  Also, it’s the first rugby match of the fall season.

Round III in the Whistler Bike Park. As always, we have a blast making these. Big thanks to Whistler and Crankworx for their support and for putting on a sweet festival.

Official Selection // GoPro Dirt Diaries Film Festival
Winner // GoPro Dirt Diaries Film Festival

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Bringing Back the Videos

Bringing Back the Videos

Time-lapse photography is still high on my to-do list.  It’s one of those things where whenever I get in to a situation where time-lapse might turn out well, I end up wanting to just take my standard shots,  so it’s kind of a pull in both directions.  Here’s a neat one that I found recently.