The Glowing Tower

The New Way to HDR

It’s definitely not the only way, but it provides a new and unique way of creating great looking images.  Check it out HERE.

The Glowing Tower

Into the evening found me wandering around some of the more historic places of Richmond, VA.  As I was driving, not really having any specific place in mind, this glowing white tower shone thru the fading light, providing some interesting views from all sides.  I parked and circled the building, finding out where all the places that the tower really complimented the surrounding buildings. This photo was done using the development process above, so if you’re getting in to photography, check it out and see how you think you could incorporate it to your photos!

Tower Richmond Virginia William Woodward

Shrine of Memory

Shrine of Memory

An ongoing tribute to Virginians who have lost their lives in the military pursuits dating back to WWII, currently housing a total of 11,634 names.  At the end of the the shrine, a statue stands, entitled “Memory”, which is said to symbolize both the pride and sorrow for the fallen. A warm summer evening found me exploring the area, and the glass reflections and engravings had a very intriguing feeling to them.

Memory Richmond William Woodward

Hanging Under the Bridge


where to willie is officially heading to Asia!  I’ve been thru Singapore before, but haven’t really been able to get out and explore for lengthy periods of time.  I’ve yet to get a rough itinerary, but I will for sure be in Shanghai, China, and then somewhere around Taipei, Taiwan.  Much research will be done in the next few weeks, and I’ll be keeping you all posted as news develops.

Hanging Under the Bridge

Night time wandering is one of my favorite things to do.  The way buildings and structures are lit by the city lights is always fun to experience.  Down in Shockoe Bottom, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Richmond, and recently a bustling area of nightlife and entertainment, wandering will keep you busy for hours, and their is no short supply of food and drinks and places to see along the way.  Under the bridge, some artwork hang across the street from the famous Richmond Main Street Station.  One tip that always resonates with me is to always turn around.  This applies from everything from sunsets to iconic buildings.  While everyone else is caught up with the same old thing, you may find something a little different.

Under Bridge Richmond William Woodward

Stained Glass in the Jefferson Hotel

The Jefferson Hotel – Richmond Virginia

This hotel has quite a bit of history. When I first heard about it, all that I really gathered was that there was something to do with alligators running wild in the hotel, but upon further investigation and conversations with some of the employees, the hotel which opened in 1895, had living alligators in special marble pools until 1948, mere feet away from reception area. They became a famous attraction to the stay, and the clientele to the hotel include presidents, celebrities, and musicians of the era. 

Stained Glass

Stained glass always seems to be a great subject for HDR photography. The light floods in and causes all the colors to be so vibrant, but it often gets rather diffused, and can leave the rest of the room looking rather dull and dim. The hotel itself is a great place to wander and explore, with pieces of history planted everywhere.  

Stained Glass Jefferson Hotel William Woodward

Geometry in Nature

Geometry in Nature

Another nice view of a geometric style building, this time surrounded by a bit more nature. I thought the contrast between square and natural was pretty cool. I had woken up early for a jog thru the park outside Richmond, Virginia.  Taking on the theme of another northern Illinois-ian, Matty Wolin (view his site here at I took my camera with me.

Nature Richmond William Woodward

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