Peak Design Clutch



From the manufacturer:

  • WEIGHT: 50g (123g as packed)
  • MAX LENGTH: 29 cm (11.4″)
  • MIN LENGTH: 20 cm (8″)
  • WIDTH: 51 mm (2″)
  • STRENGTH: 200lbs (anchors)


Out of the Box

The Clutch comes with the strap itself, a plate to mount to your camera (if you don’t already use one), and two anchors. These anchors can be used interchangeably with other Peak Design systems, such as the Leash or the Slide.


While I don’t intend on testing the breaking strength of the clutch, I can say that this has been one of my favorite camera carry luxuries to date.  This, combined with the CapturePro system (see more on that here), has created an entirely new holding strategy.  The fit of all the pieces of the strap is that of a high end product, with enough padding to provide all day comfort in use, and grippy enough to feel stable on the hand even without a tight grip.



  • Easy to slip your hand in and out
  • Stable grip that allows your fingers to focus on the controls of the camera, rather than holding it.
  • Quickly adjustable based on the size of your hand and the amount of tightness you want that day.


  • Adds a little volume to your camera (may be a tight fit in previous camera bag compartments)
  • On the Sony A7 series, the strap that mounts through the camera’s native ring is quite tight, such that making a completely quick removal would be difficult. Fortunately I don’t intend on taking the Clutch off any time soon.

Final Thoughts

Since adding the Clutch to my growing collection of Peak Design products, I’ve been extremely happy with the additional support that it creates without the added effort of hand grip.  With a camera as light and quick as the Sony A7RII, I hardly notice the weight in my hand under the Clutch.


In the Field

Try the Clutch for easy and secure camera holding that can be used in conjunction other Peak Design products such as the CapturePro or Slide camera straps.

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