Colors of a Thunderstorm

I have decided that next week is going to be “Thunderstorm Week.”  Kind of like Discovery channel has Shark Week, except without videos, and with thunderstorms, but it will last all week.  Some will be HDR (they are turning out really awesome!) and some not, really just a little bit of a lot of things, all sorts from the last few weeks of storm chasing that I’ve been doing.


I saw some great photos on Google+ that really inspired me to take more people photos.  I think that my favorite thing about Google+ is how much I am branching out and seeing new techniques and styles from what I would see around my normal stomping grounds.  I started reading some about “Street Portraits” and saw some great examples of people photos.  That will probably be my next weekly theme.

 “Intense eye contact– It’s like being hit by a wall.” – Ertränken in Licht

Eye Contact William Woodward

p.s. If you have a theme you would like to see, let me know, I would love to attempt any style or technique.