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Moon Shooting

If there is one subject I’ve always wanted to shoot well and struggled with, it’s the moon. First of all, it’s really far away (really really far).  Second of all, you don’t realize how much contrast there is between the brightness of the moon and the surrounding dark skies.  Depending on the night and the surround clouds or lack thereof, you may end up needing to be at -1 to -3 EV to bring out the details in the moon’s surface.

The best tip/trick that I’ve found for shooting the moon is to switch over to live view and zoom in as far as possible, turn on manual focus and dial it in that way. Also, make sure you are not touching the camera when the photo is being taken.  At that amount of zoom (this was taken at 450mm equivalent) any vibration will be magnified so much you’ll ruin any chance of sharpness.